I’ve created a few python scripts for use with JS8Call, and with the help of
Andy Precious on youtube I have built standalone executable files. To use, download the .zip file, unzip and run.

JS8Call Utilities

NOTE: I have added a version compiled for ubuntu 2004, I have been able to test that the compiled code runs, but not tested all functionality. If you want to test it and report back please do. You can find a link to my email etc at

EMF Calculator:

Based on the calculation in the OFCOM EMF spreadsheet – EMF calculator – Ofcom this python app will allow you to calculate the estimate of the compliance distance between the antenna and members of the general public without the need for a spreadsheet.

Download and unzip the file on your windows computer and run it. You can find the python source code in my repository on github

JS8Call Utilities – BETA Version

The Time Sync version for windows adds a time sync button. for it to work you must run the app as administrator (right click on it and select “Run as administrator”. Once you have GPS lock you can click the button at any time to set your system time. Currently this experimental version uses UTC and I have not yet tested it on a PC with a different timezone, although on my with DST enabled it retains the Daylight Saving time on set.

It will set your clock to within a second of the GPS time, this will be enough to get JS8Call or wsjt encoding or decoding if you are off grid and cannot sync time via the internet. remember this is experimental so use at your own risk (it wont break anything but you may need to reset your clock when you can). I will test and enhance as time permits.