Exmoor Blueberries: Exmoor Camping Review

Since moving here to Exmoor Ive been keeping an eye out for local campsites and have found a few ‘holiday’ type campsites, and by that I mean sites with hardstanding pitches with electricity, toilets, hot showers etc, etc. But thats not the kind of camping I’m looking for, what I want is something that stops just sort of wild camping (something that we cannot do on Exmoor) so I this year I am planning on camping at as many sites that I can find with a view to finding the perfect camp site.

And for my first camping trip of the year Ive found a site that is going to be hard to beat.

Exmoor Blueberries

Hidden in the countryside about a mile north of the village of Exford you will find Exmoor Blueberries the website does not have a menu on the landing page so click the Visit Us button to see the contract information and links to other pages on the site.

To book, give Simon a call, you will find his number on the contact page.

The camp site is not accessible directly from a main road, you have to drive up a track for around a mile, simply keep following the concrete of gravel track until you see two gates across the road, here the track turns right 90 degrees and you head downhill.

Follow the track around to the right and into the site reception. The access track has a good surface for most of its length and should be accessible for most cars, i would not bring a vehicle with lowered suspension of low profile tyres along here though, and in winter getting up to the field might be a challenge for anything without 4 wheel drive of some kind, your dont need a full-on off road or or anything my Mitsubishi Outlander would have no problem I think.

Once booked in will be directed to your pitch which is a drive up the hill passing a group of small sheds which is where you will find the flushing toilet and a sink all very basic with no hot running water, only cold.

You can pitch anywhere along thew top between the track and the fence, the owner says he keeps bookings to max of 30 pitches for which there is plenty of room.

Dogs are welcome as long as you clean up after them, and speaking of cleaning up there is no rubbish collection so you will need to take all of your waste home with you so plan for that.

Camp fires are permitted, I didnt have one but there were signs of a few and wood was available if required.

Once I picked my pitch all that remains was to set up camp. The second field is a bit closer to the loo so I pitch at the end of the track which was still a few minutes walk away downhill.

The pitches are just that, no facilities anywhere near other than the toilet which is pretty much my requirements, I brought everything I needed.

This is the kind of camping i love peace and quiet apart from the sheep baa-ing a few fields over, the weekend I went I had the whole site to myself so at night it was pretty much silent.

If you fancy a meal out or need supplies the Village of Exford is a 15 minute drive back down the track and has 2 pubs serving meals at various times and a small village shop, there are also some public footpaths leading from the site to Exford and other directions on Exmoor.

Exmoor Blueberries gets a 10 out of 10 rating from me, its remote, completely off grid and has the basic facilities. Simon the owner was friendly and very helpful.

If you want a back to basics campsite as close to wild camping as you can get this is it and I though roughly recommend it.

if you want something a with more facilities look elsewhere, i will leave links to reviews of other sites as i do them 🙂

At a glance

Rating 10/10 – Almost wild camping

Facilities Flushing Toilet, sink and running water A few minutes walk from your pitch.

Location North of Exford https://explore.osmaps.com/pin?lat=51.1451386618638&lon=-3.6357747219270493&zoom=14.8

Radio Notes HF Noise Floor: Zero, perfect across all bands. Elevation 360m ASL

Hope this is of use to someone, I will be back again regularly I think so maybe I will see you there!

For this trip i was using my Onetigris Saena tent and I may do a review of that and other camping gear in another post.




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    1. There is a sink with a tap but thats about it. No electricity except what you bring with you. But there’s enough sunlight to keep my 100Ah LiFePo4 topped up 🙂

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