JS8Call Settings with IC-705 and Icom Remote

JS8Call is one piece of software we use that does not natively support the IC-705. So we need to use some rig control software.

There are a few to choose from but I find FLRIG works very well with the Icom Remote.

  1. Power on your radio and ensure its providing a WIFI hotspot or is connected to the same WIFI network as your computer.

2. Run Icom Remote and make a note of the com port number it provides

3. Run FLRIG and go to transceiver setting sand select the IC-705 and the COM port provided by Icom Remote.

4. In JS8Call, open settings and go to the radio tab. From the radio list select “FLRIG FLRIG” (or the name of the rig control software you are using.

5. Select the Audio tab and in the Modulation Soundcard for input and output select the Icom Virtual Audio Driver

6. Click OK to return to the JS8Call app.

Thats it, you should now be see JS8Call deciding what is in the waterfall and the radio should transmit when you hit the send button.

Hope this helps someone.


Mark M0IAX


One thought on “JS8Call Settings with IC-705 and Icom Remote

  1. Fantastic write up, thank you. Could you provide guidance on setting up fldigi as well please. I recently installed RS-BA1, no problems there, but I’m having a heck of a time with getting rig control to play nicely. Previously, I’ve used flrig, but with this configuration fldigi doesn’t seem to want to communicate with flrig (CAT control and ptt seems to be working OK on flrigs end). Also when I try to use flrig with js8call, I keep getting a Hamlin error, though if I set it up as described in this article it works. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and 73. Kevin KF4KEV

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