Winlink/VARA HF Settings IC-705 and Icom Remote software

If you followed my previous posts and set up the Icom Remote utility the you are now well on your way to wirelessly connected operation of your Icom IC-705, so you will now be setting up client software to use the radio.

In this post I will share the settings for Winlink Email with VARA HF modem. There are not many settings the key ones are the COM Port for CI-V and Sound Device.

Winlink Settings for IC-705

First VARA HF Winlink Radio Settings.

Ive selected Icom 7300 as the radio model, this radio uses the same or similar CI-V commands as the 705.

Icom Address which is the CI-V address should be set to A4.

If I remember correctly the remaining settings here are as default.

VARA HF Modem Soundcard Settings

In the VARA HF Soundcard settings we just need to select the ICOM Virtual Audio device, this is the only setting I updated.

Using the above settings my winlink email works perfectly using the radio over HF.

Hope this helps


Mark, M0IAX