2M Simplex

Where we live on #Exmoor even a routine trip to the shop can be great with views like this.

We’ve been here a few weeks now and today was the first time we could go out anywhere without breaking some draconian law so we stopped for a few minutes on the way back from Dulverton at the top of Winsford Hill 426m ASL and I had a QSO with GW1CUQ – 30 or so miles away near Cardiff 2M simplex FM.

This spot is one the way to our closest reasonable sized shop and the doctors surgery etc so we will pass this way regularly. Its just a few miles from home so I may walk here for some portable operation later in the year.

There’s definitely going to be a video featuring the IC-705 and Surface Go 2 and one of my portable antenna systems out here when we can get out properly.



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One thought on “2M Simplex

  1. was good to have a qso with you from the garth hill nice day out thanks for coming back to the call
    Nigel GW1CUQ 73

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