Setup Icom Remote Utility (part of RS-BA1) with IC-705

In the pervious article I went through the settings in the Icom IC-705 to enable operation over WLAN (Wireless Lan) , in this one I will go through the sodtware settings in the Icom Remote Utrility which is part of the Icom RS-BA software suit.

The pre-requisite for this is to buy a copy of the RS-BA1 version 2 software, its important that you get Version 2, the IC-705 is not supported in Version 1. You can buy this software from many suppliers, I bought my copy from an ebay shop. Note that you don’t have to buy the expensive version that comes in the RC-28 remote control system, the hardware is not required. All you need is the software.

When you install the RS-BA1 Version 2 software you will find 2 new icons in your start menu/on your desktop. One for RS-BA1 and another for Icom Remote Utility. We do not need to run RS-BA1 to set up for digital modes so we can ignore that for now.

1, Double click the Icom Remote Utility icon to start the software.

2., Click the top left panel, “Setup for a Remote PC”

3. Click the Next Button

4. Enter the IP Address of your radio OR enter the network Name and click Next.

5. Enter the username and password. We set this for the Network User 1 (or Network User 2) in the IC-705 settings

6. Enter a name for this radio. You can enter multiple configurations and radios so if you need to set up on separate networks or IP addresses enter a name so that you can easily identify each one. Note that if you entered the Network Name for your IC-705 in the previous screen then the software should find the radio no matter what its IP address is.

7. The radio will now be listed in the Icom Remote software serer list. If the radio is already connected to the network then the software will automatically connect to it at this stage and create an entry in the Radio List tab.

8. Select the Radio List tab and click on the entry in the list for your radio to select it. Now click Settings

9. We can now set the COM port number that will be used for CAT control. It doesnt matter what number you pick but make sure you can remeber which one it is. you will need this to set up your digital mode software.

10. Pick your selection of com port name from the list, I’ve picked COM70 and click OK to save the settings.

11. Icom Remote will show you your selected com port number. Click OK. Now to connect to the radio (if not already connected) Select the entry in the list for your radio and click connect.

12 If all if OK your Icom Remote software will show that you are connected and tell you the CI-V address, COM port and Virtual Audio Devices.

The final step when setting up for digital modes is once connected to the IC-705 click the MOD button then in MOD Select click the radio button labelled “V Audio” and click close.

You are now ready to setup your favourite digital mode software. Treat the Icom remote software like it is your radio. So for example if your software has a list of radios select the Icom IC-705 as the rig and the COM port you set in the Icom Remote as the port for CAT control. Select the Icom Virtual Audio as your sound input/output. Remember you do not need to run the RS-BA1 software to use Icom Remote with digital mode software, just run the Icom Remote. if you run RS-BA1 it will prevent you from using the Icom Remote.

I will produce some guides for individual software later if anyone needs them.

Hope this is of use, let me know if there is anything specific you need help with.


Mark M0IAX

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