IC-705 Setup for Operation Over WLAN

One of the great features of the Icom IC-705 is the ability to operate over wifi, this means we can have a 100% wireless connection from the computer using clients for Windows or Linux.

This is part one of a series of posts on setting up the connection, in this part I will list the settings for the IC-705 to allow the connection. Part Two will be setup on a Windows PC running the Icom remote utility and part 3 will be setup for a raspberry pi (or other Linux machine) running the open source project “Kappanhang”.

So lets set up the IC-705 ready to accept connections over a Wireless LAN.

  1. Open the settings menu

2. Scroll down to WLAN Set and touch to enter the menu

3. Touch WLAN to turn it on (if not on already)

4. Leave connection type set to Station (Connect to Network) if you will be connecting to a WiFi network (this can be at home, or using your phone’s ad-hoc WiFi network)

5. Touch Connection Settings (Station)

6. Touch Access Point and wait a second or so while the IC-705 searches for WiFi networks

7. Touch the Network you want to connect to and enter the password and touch connect.

8. Return to the WLAN Set menu. Scroll down and select Remote Settings

9. Touch Network Control and set it to ON

10 Scroll Down and set a Network User (Network User 1 or 2)

11 Enter a username and password. Remember these as you will need them to connect the Icom Remote software.

12. Navigate back to the root menu and select connectors follwed by MOD Input

13 In the MOD Input Menu sel;ect WLAN for both DATA OFF MOD and DATA MOD.

14 Finally power off your IC-705 and power on again to make sure the settings are applied.

Your IC-705 should now connect to your WiFi network and be ready to connect to your Icom Remote software running on your windows computer.

You can apply many of these settings using the new Preset function in the main menu of the IC-705 so you can easily switch between WLAN and standalone operation. I will cover this in another post.

I hope this is of help



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  1. Thanks for this info , I wonder if the settings will work with wfview ?.
    I will have to try is and see what happens .

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