The Raspberry Pi Project – Part 2

Hi Again Everyone,

Today the rest of the parts to build my Portable Station Computer arrived

No, Im not doing an unboxing video…

I ordered these parts from RS Components

Adafruit Ultimate GPS Hat Provides GPS and PPS time source, with battery backed up time. Accurate time is essential for some digital modes such as JS8. Having my position available is quite handy too

Cable with SMA for external GPS antenna the GPS Hat works well with its own antenna but…

GPS Antenna Should get a better fix, quickly. I hope 🙂

Raspberry Pi Case with room for expansion 🙂

Theres a really good guide on the RS website for setting this up so if you want to fund out whats involved please ave a look there –

The most difficult part for me was the soldering. So we wont talk about that much 😉 Suffice to say it still works, and dont look too close at the pictures!

The easy part — just add power tools!

To get the time sync working I followed the excellent how-to guide on Mike RIchard’s site

crony set up to get time from GPS NMEA input

I set up the raspberry pi to create a wifi hotspot when no wifi network is nearby, excellent how-to here:

And finally for today I downloaded and set up JS8Call from

So initial set up of my Raspberry Pi is complete next time I’ll try and add some more functionality to it with some python scripts.


Mark, M0IAX