Portable Operation

Over the past couple of months Ive been putting together a couple of portable stations, this one uses a hand truck/sack truck, not only does this enable me to move it about quite easily it also acts as the ground plane for the vertical antenna which is held up with the fibre glass fishing pole/flag pole.

The radio is an Icom IC-7100 with an LDG IT100 Auto tuner carried in a waterproof Peli case, the hand truck ground is tuned with an MFJ-931 Artificial Ground and its powered by a 12Ah LiFePo4 battery (with a spare)

Works quite well, so I thought Id share a graphic with details of the set up.

Im told the artificial ground works best if the ground you are on has been covered with sea water at high tide, but it does work reasonably well as long as you are near to the sea/high tide mark, for best results though you needs to get as close as possible, so make sure you check the tide times or you might end up with wet feet!

I also carry some radials to use for the artificial ground when further from the sea.




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