Portable on the River Hamble

I spent a few hours completing some work on my portable station this afternoon, and was very pleased with the results.

I had QSOs on 20m SSB with stations in Lapland, Serbia, Bosnia and in Iceland using 25watts into my vertical 1/4 wave wire and artificial ground, powered by a 12Ah LiFePo4 battery. With a little help from the salt water flooding up the river on the rising tide.

The great thing about this antenna set up is that it’s very quick to deploy and pack up, I can be set up and on the air in a couple of minutes. Packing up takes about the same time and it’s proven itself to work very well.

For next year I plan to use this setup portable and in the RIB and also to produce some YouTube content of the setup and use.

To close out this final post of 2018 I would like to wish all my followers a very happy and prosperous New Year.

I hope to see you on the Air soon.

Happy new year 2019!



Update: I just checked pskreporter for my JS8Call results, despite not receiving any replies to my CQ call I was being heard over 4000 miles away using 25watts on 20m