Adafruit GPS hat, with Real Time Clock for Raspberry Pi

I added the Adafruit GPS hat to my Raspberry Pi 3B+ today. As well as a GPS it has a real time clock, which should help the time accuracy of the Pi.

My first problem was that I had to solder the GPIO connector on. Don’t look to close at the pic, it’s not very good soldering, but it works! 🙂

The instructions didn’t work for me, it seems that we need to use /dev/serial0 instead of /dev/ttyAMA0 as I could get gpsd to read from AMA0, substituting /dev/serial0 works though.

Due to the problems I had with chrony time sync I’ve started with a new install of raspbarian stretch and so far I’ve got gpsd and my python script to set the clock working, I need to try again with chrony moving forward but I’ve got accurate time now and have reduced the size of the pi setup a bit.

im learning the python programming language and I expect to add regular time sync as well as sending the Maidenhead grid to JS8Call so that it’s always as accurate as possible when portable.

#amateurradio #hamradio #raspberrypi