Icom 7300 Settings for Control via a USB Cable

This is how I have my Icom 7300 settings to control the Radio over the USB connection from a Computer for digital mode software such as JS8Call, Hamradio Deluxe and FLDigi.

Open the settings screen and tap Connectors. Then set up each entry to match mine (adjust your levels options accordingly, but my settings work so they are a good start point:

ACC/USB Output Select       AF

ACC/USB Output Level.       42%

ACC/USB AF SQL.              Off (Open)

ACC/USB AF Beep/Speech output. OFF

ACC/USB IF Output Level.   50%

ACC MOD Level.                  50%

USB MOD Level.                  50%

DATA OFF MOD.                  MIC/ACC

DATA MOD.                          USB

External Keypad (No need to change)

CI-V.  (No need to change)

USB Serial Function.            CI-V

USB SEND.                          OFF

USB Keying (CW).               OFF

USB Keying (RTTY)             OFF

And make sure that you select MODE to be USB-D on the main screen.

Once that’s done select the correct com port in windows and then make sure the settings in your software are correct (JS8Call example below Radio and Audio example below)


3 thoughts on “Icom 7300 Settings for Control via a USB Cable

  1. Very nice…I needed a set up for my Icom 7300

    Do you have the same thing for the FT-857…I can’t get the cat to work
    I can run JS8Call in vox only…no rig selected

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Unfortunately I don’t have the FT-857, I will be doing another post on the FT-891 at some point but I don’t think the settings will be the same.
      If I find out what they are I will let you know.

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