Tutorial: Which windows COM port do I pick on JS8Call?

For JS8Call rig control to work you need to get the correct COM port selected on the settings Page.

This assumes that you have already installed the drive for your radio. For this I installed Icoms driver for my IC-7300.

You should install the drive BEFORE you connect the USB cable to the Radio.

To find the port (Windows 10) type “Device Manager” into the box next to the windows button

then click on Device Manager in the List above

This will open the device manager window on your desktop.

Find the entry in the list that says “Ports (COM & LTP) click the little arrow to the left of the Port Icon to see the next level down in the list, this will show the ports on your PC (you may have more than one)

Radios such as the IC-7300 use the CP210x USB to UART bridge driver, so look for that in the list, make a note of the COM port name (in this case COM3.

Now open the settings window in JS8Call, go to the “Radio” tab and select your radio from the list in this example I am using the Icom IC-7300 if you have the same just make your settings the same as in the picture below. Click on “Test CAT” if the button turns green then you’ve got it all set up for CAT control.

The final step is to select the Sound input and Output for JS8Call on the “Audio” tab, for Radios such as the IC -7300 you will see “USB Codec” in the name.

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