Tutorial: How to add a new Mode to Ham Radio Deluxe

if you set up auto logging with Ham Radio Deluxe, you might also want to know how to add a new mode to the Ham Radio Deluxe mode list. Here’s how.


New modes don’t come along very often so some users may not be aware of how to add a new mode selection to logging software such as Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) so here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that.


First open the HRD Log application.

now got to the Tools Menu then select Configure then Modes from the sub menu

This will open the modes dialog, next click on the add button

Now we need to enter the new mode. For JS8 we enter JS8 in both the mode and ADIF fields, comments can be anything you want, here I’ve added JS8Call to remind me what software uses this mode.

Once you have finished click OK on the Mode dialog and then OK on the Mode Editor window.

HRD will now have the JS8 mode for you to manually select and will retain the JS8 value if you need to edit an automatically added QSO