Tutorial: Integrate Logging software to JS8Call

I see a lot of questions about automatically logging JS8Calls to logging software. I put this guide up on the JS8Call website, but thought I might as well repeat here: Can I automatically Log my JS8 QSO to my logging software? The answer is Yes. BUT only if your logging software supports reading a UDP Port ADIF broadcast. In this example we set up Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) version 6.4.0893 to receive the JS8Call log entry, We also had HRD set up to forward new log entries to a  qrz.com log. First we need to ensure that the UDP Port is ready. In the JS8Call settings/Reporting Tab make sure that the “Enable logged contact ADIF broadcast” is enabled by clicking the check box. Make a note of the “N1MM Server Port”. the default value is 2333.
next we need to open HRD Log and update its settings. In the HRD Log go to the tools menu, then “Configure” and select “QSO Forwarding”
In the QSO Forwarding settings in the “UDP Receive” section we need to place a tick in the box next to “Receive QSO Notifications using UDP from other applications”, then we enter the port number we made a note of in the JS8Call settings (2333) into the :Receive Port” box, then select your log database in the “Target Database” and in “My station fields should be” select “Merged” (you can try other settings, but this is what we set).
Once that’s done, the next time you log a QSO in JS8Call it will be added to your HRD Log database (you can set HRD up to forward to online logs if you wish – Currently we have only seen qrz.com logs accept the JS8 mode)   If you want to add the JS8 Mode to HRD’s list of modes then please take a look at this post – http://m0iax.com/2018/11/04/tutorial-how-to-add-a-new-mode-to-ham-radio-deluxe/

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