G5RV Antenna

There’s not really the space on the boat to put up a decent sized dipole, so I was pleased that the Riverside Boatyard owners allowed me to put up a Haft Sized G5RV between 2 of the pontoon pilings. 

At each end I’ve put a halyard so I can easily put it up and take it down. 

It’s about 3m above the water at high tide and 8 or 9 at low tide and it seems to work really well, on JS8 I’ve been heard in North America and during the recent CQWW contest weekend I was getting good reports from as far away as Croatia and Bosnia.

I’ve been meaning to try the Chamelion EmcommII that I bought a while ago but I want to put it up using a kite but the wind has been either non existant or blowing in the wrong direction(s)! Hopping for some decent wind soon….. will try and get some pics and video when it happens.