JS8 QSO Party

Getting set up to join the JS8 QSO Party – http://js8call.com/2018/10/19/the-first-official-js8call-qso-party-is-now-open/ 

I’ve put up a G5RV that I will be using later on today

1/2 size G5RV

Signal reports not too bad considering it’s only about 3m over the water right now, this will increase to 6m later on when the tide goes out, will see if it makes a difference.

Once I’ve topped up my batteries I’m heading up the river in the RIB for some portable ops this morning. Coffee first though 🙂

0922UTC ……still at the Marina. RIB battery was flat this morning. Was fully charged yesterday. Off to find a new one…. great start 🙂

Had a great day, got a new battery for the RIB, so I’ll be /MM in that tomorrow. I set up portable on Karendia in the afternoon and operated “poopdeck portable” for a few hours. Yes that’s a real thing. And it sounds funny so I’m sticking with it 🙂

I started off using the FT-891, but had some problems with the settings so used the IC7100 go box powered by its lifepo4 battery so was off-grid all afternoon. 

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