Solar powered portable and waterproof pc with monitor

I finished putting my portable computer with monitor together today.

its self contained with a power bank that has a solar panel to keep it charged. Ive got a 13inch screen, the option of a raspberry pi or a lattepanda (running Windows) the lattepanda is more power hungry than the raspberry pi so I will be using the raspberry pi as much as possible to begin with, and it also has a DigiMaster Pro usb sound and cat interface used mainly with the Elecraft KX3. It’s housed in a Peli iM2100 case so it’s waterproof when not in use.

Ive set the raspberry pi up with a USB GPS receiver, and am using that as an NTP server so the Raspberry Pi has a accurate time when not connected to the internet. Very important for some of the digital modes to work correctly.

its a bit more bulky than some portable operators use but it all fits in the case so will be able to set up and get on the air quickly and easily. I’m hoping to be using it in the next few days or so to test some new digital modes software. More on that later.