British inland Waterways on the Air (Yes theres also something here about APRS messenger)

I just registered for an event thats will be held in August – British inland Waterways on the Air, and I was the first to register. So the River Hamble is first in the list of registered stations. As I type its also the only one registered, so I might end up talking to myself. But then, thats nothing new is it? πŸ˜‰

you can see the list of stations registered here

For those of you that don’t know much about Amateur radio events, the idea is that you try and contact a participating station, and that station will send you some kind of proof that you had the contact (also known as a QSO). If there are enough registered stations the organisers will have some kind of award or certificate to give out. I plan on creating a QSL card to send out of anyone that contacts or hears me.

What I hope to be doing is operating from a boat on the river somewhere, and move up and down the river during the weekend, stopping at some points and setting up a portable station ashore where passers-by can learn something about the Amateur Radio hobby and also try operating if they want. if not they can just pass by πŸ™‚

I am also going to see if I can set up a second radio and use APRS messenger to have my progress along the river tracked by stations over HF radio during the weekend.

SO I will be combining my hobbies of Amateur Radio and Boating. I might even be able to have a rum or two. That being the case I may also be dressed as a pirate. Pirate Radio. What could possibly go wrong?

Will let you know more as soon as I know πŸ™‚