…and now, the weather.

when you live on a boat knowing about the weather is always handy and quite important. It’s also quite useful when you are putting up antennas for amateur radio.

So to begin with I had planned to just get an anomometer (spelling?), you know one of those things that sin round and measure the wind speed. But it turned out cheaper to get a weather station with a whole load of sensors, I was able to hook this up to my boat pc and send the weather to a webpage.

if you want to know the current weather conditions you can head over to http://M0IAX.com/weather or http://riverhamble.net (they both land on the same site) it’s updat3d every 15mins and I have plans to make it all battery powered so it’s up 24/7 regardless.

Let me know if it’s useful, of if you would like some data added.