JS8CallTools for Raspberry Pi

You may already have seen some posts about the first of my JS8Call Tools – my GPS Utility for #JS8Call, its a python script with a Graphical User Interface that I wrote for grabbing my Location from GPSD running on my Raspberry Pi, it then translate the Lat and Long to a Maidenhead Grid and allows you to send it to JS8Call updating its Grid for use in messages, you can do this at the click of a button, or use the timer to update the grid every 10 minutes.

It also includes a button to send the GRID command to @ALLCALL using JS8Call which will be received by stations in the JS8Call network and reported to the APRS network.

This should be useful to Amateur Radio operators who are operating portable and mobile.

It has been tested on my raspberry pi, with the pre-requisites installed.

You MUST have GPSD installed and working with your GPS and you must be running JS8Call for it to work.

The link to the code on github is https://github.com/m0iax/js8calltools

you can download the code to your raspberry pi using the following command:

git clone https://github.com/m0iax/js8calltools.git



Mark, M0IAX