Kenwood TH-D74

Kenwood TH-D74

August 22, 2018 0 By mark

This week I’ve added a hand held to my communications tool box. You may have read my posts on APRS over HF, well this radio includes a Bluetooth TNC for APRS over VHF which you can use directely from the radio or connected to a tablet running APRS droid, or connected to a PC.

It is also capable of good old fashioned voice using FM and DStar digital and it has a wide band receiver so it can be tuned to all the ham bands to listen in.

I’m hoping it will prove useful it seems great for what I do and it’s waterproof so good on the boat too!

So far I’ve got it connected to an android tablet and sent a found of APRS beacons and controlled it from my MacBook (running windows 10 in Parallels) seems pretty good so far. Not spoken to anyone yet as here on the river I’m pretty low down and only in line of sight with others on the river, I can hit the GB3IW repeater though but no one was listening when I tried earlier.

I’m got to use it along with my HF radios for the British Inland Waterways On The Air event this weekend. I will be on 40, 20 and 2M Saturday, possibly Sunday and on Monday. Listen out for me or give me a call!