Raspberry Pi off grid

I have been spending some time recently setting up my raspberry pi for use portable as it’s a great little computer that doesn’t take much to power it.

i was going  to post some tutorials about how to set up it up to use the GPS so we have accurate time when not connected to the internet, but as usual ive been beaten to it 🙂

have a look at Julian’s (OH8STN) blog there’s a great article on it with links to a script to set up the GPS – http://oh8stn.org/blog/2018/08/13/off-grid-clock-sync-on-raspberry-pi-ublox-usb-gps/

and when you’ve done that I would recommend you have a look at his other articles and YouTube channel, epecially as he’s currently heading out to spend a few days off grid

I will be listening out for him and hopeing it goes well!