If you have read some of my earlier posts you will have heard about APRS messenger testing Ive been doing along with some of the members of the Portable Digital & QRP group on facebook.

Julian (OH8STN) is producing a series of videos about it, the one below is a trailer for the new series.

This is a great piece of software that allow APRS beacons and messages over HF radio, its currently being actively developed and a new version is coming out soon, it also has MFSK4 mode for low power/weak signal which we have used to exchange messages between Julian and myself (approx 1400 miles, Southampton to Finland), with my power as low as 3 watts.

Have a look at Julian’s video for more details and consider subscribing to his channel for more. Julian also has a great website at http://oh8stn.org well worth a look there is a lot of interesting and useful info there for Radio Amateurs

Im hoping to have a go at a few videos myself when I get chance to take the radio out in the RIB and see if I can get this working.


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